Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another trip to the mailbox

Well, technically it was the FedEx overnight box. 

The dossier is done.  It made it through the state certification process with only one minor snafu (I forgot to send in a few pages) which was easily corrected.  So now it is off to our adoption agency, Children’s Hope International, in St. Louis, where it will be given one final review.  From there they will send it to the US Department of State in DC where it will be “authenticated”.  Then it will travel across  town to the Embassy of Ethiopia, where it will authenticated for a second time (sheesh!)  This whole authentication business is supposed to take about 3 weeks, but may take a little longer this time of year, with all the holidays a whatnot.  

And here it is.  Isn’t this an exciting picture?  Jeff holding an envelope, just before heading out in a snowstorm to make the FedEx overnight drop.  You can tell he’s excited too.  This would be the last time we’ll ever see the dossier. It feels good to be done with it, but also a little nerve racking.  Now the real waiting begins.  Say a prayer, cross fingers. 


And here’s some random pictures of the boys, 'cause I know that’s what my mom really wants to see (she definitely doesn’t care about seeing Jeff hold an envelope).  


Gavin shoveling the sidewalk. 


Ryder trying to break dance .  Wish I had a video of it.