Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow is here!

We recently had our first major snow here in Illinois. We have about 5-6 inches on the ground today, so Gavin and I decided to go out and "make a mountain" (the snow wasn't sticky enough for a snowman). So we got our shovels and started piling up the snow. It was't long before Gavin was distracted and began playing in the yard. But I continued on shoveling. I looked up and noticed Gavin digging a little hole in snow, down to the grass. Then he took about 5 steps and dug another hole, again and again. "Gav, what are you doing", I ask. "I'm making holes for Joey to poop in", he explains.
He's so thoughtful.

In adoption news, the paperwork is complete! Well, almost. We decided that pursuing this adoption independently was just more work than we could keep up with. The orphanage that we were working with (COTP)recommended an agency called Love Beyond Borders. So now we have a caseworker handling all of the paperwork and staying on top of all legal changes that take place in Haiti. Which is a huge load off my mind. Looking back, we should have used an agency from the beginning. But, we were trying to save a few bucks by doing it ourselves. Live and learn. Right now all of our documents are being translated into French, and will then be sent to Haiti to go through their legal system. And no, I have absolutely no idea how long that will take. We are optimistic, though. We know God has a plan :)