Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I got to hang up my mom hat last week. I traded it for a plane ticket to Nashville to see some of my favorite peeps. It was such fun! I got to hang with my sisters and sister-like friends. I ate we'll and then I ate well some more. Cheesecake and coffee at 11pm at a Memphis hole in the wall? Heck yeah. Barbara's fried chicken and biscuits in Nashville? Yes 'em. I heart Nashville. Not to mention I was smack dab in the middle of autumn. Surrounded by the rolling rocky top hills in all their fall glory. Every fenced pasture framed with color. Yeah. It was a good trip. You should go there sometime.

Memphis mecca
I40 on a dreary day
home of amazing biscuits

I did miss the children, though. But not until about the 4th day. I didn't think I would be missed. But I was. Well at least by one of them. A simple FaceTime chat started the frenzy. Then there was inconsolable crying and crocodile tears. And snot. "Mommy, I want you here right now" was what really got me. Then we both had crocodile tears. It was nice to missed. Jeff sent me these pictures shortly after.


Happy to have friends that live in fun places and happy to be home.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Wren says

Mom, stop freaking out! You're just always freaking out.

Mom.  I need to text Gavin.

I want to see my boys! (impatiently waiting in the pick-up line at school)

Mom!   You go to time out!

Oh, Mom.  My boys are being crazy.

Mom, I pee in the grass like Joey!

Dear God, Thank you for my God, and my daddy, and my Gavin, and my Ryder, and my Joey, and my Ryder, and my mommy, and my Gavin, and my Ryder.  Amen.

Mom, why is you have a big bottom?

You put my clothes in the washing ma-cleaner?

I'm from Eepeeyopeeya.  (randomly tells Starbucks employee)

Mom, walk out of here!  I'm doing stinky work.  (while sitting on the potty)

Golly, she is a cute kid.  From minute to minute, I never know if she is going to make me laugh hysterically or pull my hair out in frustration.  As her preschool teacher told me, "she is just the right amount of ornery."  Tru dat.