Thursday, May 13, 2010

The latest

Nothing super significant to report on the adoption front.  When we were officially put on the waiting list back in January we were told we were number 76 - meaning there were 75 other families ahead of us in the waiting line. A few weeks ago were were told we were number 39.  That may sound like we've made a lot of progress in the last 4 months, but really the number is not all that telling.  Because we want a younger girl (as do many adoptive parents on "the list") our wait will be longer than families seeking boys or older children.
We also recently found out that there has been a new change regarding Ethiopian adoptions.  Sounds scary, right?  One of the reasons we decided to adopt from Ethiopia was that you only had to make 1 trip.  But wouldn't ya know it, the Ehtiopian government has recently decided to change that policy.  Starting ASAP all adoptive families are now required to make 2 trips.  Sigh.  One trip to appear in court and make your adoptive intentions known, and another trip to finalize the adoption and bring your child home.  Since this is a new rule, not much is known about the timeline of the trips or what exactly will be expected of us.  While this change in policy is annoying to us, we consider it just another minor bump in the road (Lord knows we've come to expect the unexpected) and know that it will still get us to the end goal of welcoming another child to our family.