Thursday, July 30, 2009

Square One

As of yesterday we are set to go forward with an adoption in Ethiopia. It's exciting to us to be back on track and hopefully not have to deal with too many more ups and downs. However, this does mean that we do have to start all over again (ugghh) . We are already in the process of having our home study updated to reflect that we are no longer adopting from Haiti, and as soon as that is in then we will be getting our immigration paperwork updated as well. Here is the list of other things we will be working on over the next several weeks:

¨ Letter stating reason for adopting from Ethiopia

¨ Photos of applicants and home

¨ Letter of Commitment for Post Adoption – Social Worker

¨ Employment Letter

¨ Financial Statement

¨ Certified copies of Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate

¨ Power of Attorney

¨ Medical letter

¨ Police clearance letter

¨ Three signed reference letters

¨ Letter of Obligation for Post Adoption Family

¨ Qualification for Naturalization

¨ Passport ID pages

¨ I-600 approval (immigration forms)

¨ Fingerprints

We've done all of this before, exactly a year ago. But now it all has to be redone with current dates and notarizations and state certifications. This list is actually much easier than the dossier requirements for Haiti, so it should go much quicker. Once this doss is submitted, we are told that the waiting time is 8-12 months, which is also much shorter than the Haiti time line.

Let's hope the 2nd time is a charm :)