Friday, November 19, 2010

Impatiently Waiting

This waiting part is no fun.  No fun at all.  We think of baby girl all the time.  What is she doing right now?  Is she having a good day?  What are her favorite things to play with?  Is she being taken care of?  Did she sleep well?  Those are the things that are easy to wonder about.  The simple things.  But many times my mind wanders to her painful reality.  Does she miss her birth mother?  Is she overwhelmed with grief?  Is she confused?  Will she be forever scarred by the trauma of losing her mother, then losing her caregivers at the orphanage?  Are we doing the right thing?    Sheesh, I could make myself sick with worry.

I pass the time and ease my anxiety by reading about others' adoption stories.  There are a billion other adoption blogs out there, with families all sharing their unique experiences. One of my favorites is Flower Patch Farmgirl.  I recommend reading her Big Adoption Series, if you like a good story or are considering adoption.

Getting baby girl's room ready also keeps me distracted.  We now have paint on the walls (robin's egg blue, if you'd like to know).  I've been mentally rearranging furniture, trying to decide on bedding and what to put on the walls.  Which reminds me, sometime soon I'll be posting some details about a cool fundraiser/art project for baby girl and her bare bedroom walls.

And lastly, while we wait for baby girl, we also make t-shirts.

Monday, November 1, 2010


She is 16 months old  and she has beautiful eyes.  We can't wait to meet her!  As of yet we have no travel dates, but our best guess is that we will make our first trip in January, to appear before the court and legally adopt her.  About a month later we will travel to Ethiopia again to finally bring her home.  
As much as I want to, I cannot legally post a picture of her on the internet, or give out too much information.   So for now you can just get a glimpse those beautiful eyes.