Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fashion Forward?

Things are still going really well with Wren.  I am amazed everyday at how easily she is adjusting and how much she is learning.  It truly couldn't be going any better!   She has the normal routine of a toddler; loves to snack (goldfish and raisins are current faves)  loves to steal her brothers toys, repeats everything you say, likes to collect random stuff from around the house and REALLY loves to play dress-up.
Exhibit A
What?  Are clorox wipes not suitable toys for children?
And yes, that is a onesie on her head.  I think she got it from the dity clothes pile.

Wearing Gav's shoes.  Always, with the shoes...

When she is not wearing someone else's shoes, she is wearing her sparkle shoes.  

Trying to wear brother's jeans

I don't know...