Monday, April 18, 2011

6 and 12

My baby boy turned 6 yesterday.   Sob.
He got a new ride.  One with handbreaks and everything.
Too bad it's supposed to rain and snow all week.

Wren has been home for 12 days now.  And she is still doing amazingly well.  It's almost like she has always been here.   There have been a few tantrums here and there.  You know the kind.  Where you throw yourself down on the floor, scream and cry and then bite your mom and try to claw her eyes out.  Fun times.  It's hard to say if these tantrums are part of her adjustment phase, or because she is cutting molars, or just general 2-year old crabbiness - or maybe a combination of all that.
But other than those few moments of hysteria, she is generally happy.  Shoes are still her favorite pass time.  I am not sure weather to keep them in her closet or in her toy box.  This tutu has also become a staple in her wardrobe.   (excuse te crappy iphone pictures)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Party of 5

We've been home for 4 days now, and things are starting to feel normal again.  Wren is doing great!  Better than we expected.  While we were in Ethiopia, she was sad, confused and generally unhappy.  She spent most of the time in my lap or crying and fussing.  But since we've been home she has been smiling, laughing and generally happy.  She loves to play.   She LOVES her brothers.  She has been getting plenty of attention from them and the grandparents.   I am happy to report that I am still her favorite, though.  I am her primary caregiver;  the one who feeds her, changes her and puts her to sleep.  Which, by the way, she is a great sleeper.  I guess I have the transition home to thank for that.  They kept the kids on a pretty regular schedule, which included 11 hours of sleep a night.   Score!
She's has learned so much and has been picking up words so fast.   Mama, daddy, up, down, more, eat, Joey, out.  She is a smart cookie.  It has truly been amazing to see how well she fits into our family.  Of course, my optimism is cautious.  I know that we may just be in the honeymoon phase.  There is always the chance and likely hood of regression. But for now, we are happy.  She is happy.  All is well.  Thank you God.  :)