Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No News

People often ask us "So, how is the adoption going?". And I always wish I had some exciting news to share. But no. It has been nearly a year now since we started the international adoption process. As expected, nothing about it has been easy or straight forward. We spent several months getting our dossier ready for Haiti; gathering all of our financial info, getting reference letters, scheduling doctors' appointment to get medical clearance, getting fingerprinted, filling out form after blessed form. And I thought that was the hard part. In early 2009 we were told that Haiti was most likely no longer an option for us. The Haitian govt has made it much harder for adoptive parents, and we no longer meet their qualifications. - Sigh - Our case worker then suggested we consider adopting from Jamaica. Our agency is just starting the Jamaica adoption program, so it is not up and running at full steam yet. But hopefully soon (at least that's what they keep telling me.) We have submitted our "pre-application" to Jamaica, and that should get approved........someday. So as of this very moment we are stuck.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Today was a day like any other. I was in the kitchen making dinner. The boys were in the family room playing video games. Or so I thought. As I set the table I called the boys in to dinner. Jeff and Ryder came to the the kitchen. "Gavin!" I called. No answer. "Where is Gavin? Wasn't he playing video games with you?", I ask Jeff. Nope he wasn't. Neither of us knew where he was. Somewhat panicked, we called all through the house, looked in the garage, out in the front yard. No Gavin. Then Jeff glances up the stairs and this is what we see. Gavin. Peacefully sleeping at the top edge of the stairs.

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