Thursday, November 12, 2009

Progress! (sort of)

Do you see this folder? It is a very important folder. It contains our blood, sweat and tears (and a stack of papers that claim we are suited to become adoptive parents). We have all the medical letters, reference letters, financial statements, immigration approval, DCFS approval, yada, yada, yada, that we are required to gather. Everything has been signed, dated, notarized and agency approved. This morning this folder began it's first leg in a very important journey. I dropped it off at the post office where it is now making it's way to the Illinois Department of Index. It's a magical place where life changing things happen! And where all those notarized documents will hopefully (fingers crossed, prayers said) meet the approval of the state and become CERTIFIED. "What is this certification?," you ask. Well, it's basically a "super notary", but instead of just a stamp, each notarized document gets it's own fancy sheet of paper stapled to it with a gold seal, approving the original notary's signature.
Now, I have heard horror stories regarding the Certification process. I hear they can be pretty finicky over there at the Dept of Index. If the notary's signature is does not exactly match what they have on record, or the stamp isn't dark enough, or the planets are not properly aligned, they can refuse certification, which would severely irritate me. So, cross your fingers, say a prayer.