Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Christmas is my favorite.  I'm so glad we got that pesky Thanksgiving out of the way.  I no longer have to hear but it's not even Thanksgiving yet!  Haters gonna hate.  But now.  Now I am free to decorate the tree (which has been up for 2 weeks already).  Now I can turn on the Christmas lights.   Now it's perfectly acceptable to listen to Christmas music.  Now I can bake Christmas cookies.

Well, actually I can't do that last part.  Just before Thanksgiving my oven done gone and died.  Which was bittersweet because man, I hated that oven.  It had always been a little wonky. But I also hate dropping a load of money on a new appliance when I would rather spend it on fun stuff, like CHRISTMAS PRESENTS and boots.

So, merry Christmas to me.  A new oven is what Santa is bringing me this year.  Thankfully he delivers early, and I should be baking cookies by this time next week.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Adoption Art

This post may be a tad overdue.  Like a year or more.  Back in 2010 and 2011 when we were raising money to bring Wren home, we started a little art project for her bedroom wall.  We gave a small 3x3 canvas to everyone that helped to fund our adoption.  We asked them to paint, draw, write - whatever they wanted to do - knowing that it would be for the little girl we were bringing home.  I didn't keep track of the number of canvases I passed out, but I think it was about 30.   

They are now on her wall, looking super spiffy.  They are all amazing.  We know some seriously talented people.  I LOVE them.  She LOVES them.  She studies them, points to them, talks about them.  She knows they are for her.  Made by all the people who loved her before they knew her.  

Notice there is still some room for more pictures.  I know there are a few more canvases out there that people may have forgotten they had (Grandma).  So maybe someday they'll be returned or maybe someday I'll have to get crafty myself and fill in those blanks.  Either way, it's a project I am so glad we started.  So many people from different pockets of our lives - church, work, neighbors, people near and far and young and old.  I'm still amazed and grateful for all of the support.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The never ending stairs

When I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon about a year and a half ago, this was one of the first things I pinned.  It was just the inspiration I needed to get rid of the icky carpet on our stairs.  

So one day, on a whim, I ripped out all that carpet.  My husband was thrilled!  

Hiding underneath the carpet were perfectly good pine stair treads.  Yay!  But they were covered in 50 gajillion  staples.  Boo!  Turns out that pulling up the carpet was the easy part of the job.  Removing staples was not.  Them suckers were in there good.  Not to mention all the hole filling and sanding that followed.  Let's just say this wasn't weekend project that I thought it would be.

see how thrilled Jeff looks?
adorable child labor
So we filled and sanded.  And filled and sanded some more.  And finally had nice, smooth, naked stairs. I decided to paint the risers white and treads black.  All the while thinking and plotting about what clever song or saying I could paint on the risers.  Maybe a bible verse?  Or a Bealtes song.  Something inspirational.  About walking, or taking steps.  I'm so clever.

But eventually I stopped dreaming about the stairs and whatever clever/funny/insprationl mumbo jumbo I could paint on them.  I was down to the final coats of paint and I just couldn't seem to get a nice crisp line in the crease of the tread and riser (all the seams were caulked, so that made it really tricky - painters tape was no help)  It was driving me crazy.  So I quit.  And left the stairs 90% finished for about a year.

But I recently regained the motivation I needed when some furniture delivery men removed our old mattress.  They slid the old boxspring down the stairs. Scraping and gouging each step.  Jerk faces. So I finally carved out some time to fix the stairs.  And I went ahead and used an artist brush to try and straighten up all the wonky lines where black meets white.  

good enough
So if you come to my house, you'll see these pretty stairs.  Only your not allowed to slide furniture down them.  Or walk on them.  
I still have no motivation to paint anything witty on the stairs.  Maybe it'll come to me someday.  Or maybe you have a brilliant idea you'd like to share.