Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet 15

We are currently number 15 on the waiting list!  I still have no idea when we can expect a referral, but to give you an idea of our timeline, we have been on the list since January 2010.  And at that time we were number 76.  So we're truckin' right along.
Also, as you may have noticed, we've added a few things to the sidebar of this blog.  Fundraiser things. Just Love Coffee is one of them.  It's simple, really. You order some coffee, we get some of the proceeds.  They are a super cool company who's mission is to help orphans and adoptive families.  Check em out.  Also, there is just a plain 'ol simple PayPal button, where you can give directly to our adoption fund.  Easy peasy.
Now, I hate asking for money.  And thankfully we have saved most of the money on our own so we don't need to ask for much.   And at this time I'm not even gonna ask.  But be forewarned.  There will be a time (as soon as we get a referral) when we will be kicking this fundraiser business into high gear.  So until then prayers for a speedy and smooth process are greatly appreciated.  But of course, we'll take any money any time you feel like donating.  ;)