Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Christmas is my favorite.  I'm so glad we got that pesky Thanksgiving out of the way.  I no longer have to hear but it's not even Thanksgiving yet!  Haters gonna hate.  But now.  Now I am free to decorate the tree (which has been up for 2 weeks already).  Now I can turn on the Christmas lights.   Now it's perfectly acceptable to listen to Christmas music.  Now I can bake Christmas cookies.

Well, actually I can't do that last part.  Just before Thanksgiving my oven done gone and died.  Which was bittersweet because man, I hated that oven.  It had always been a little wonky. But I also hate dropping a load of money on a new appliance when I would rather spend it on fun stuff, like CHRISTMAS PRESENTS and boots.

So, merry Christmas to me.  A new oven is what Santa is bringing me this year.  Thankfully he delivers early, and I should be baking cookies by this time next week.

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